Pay for skill?

There was a time when we all played video games on equal terms, where the only thing that made the difference was one's skill and ability in the game. A time when classics like Mario, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, etc. were the perfect stages to show off those skills. Sometimes, honestly, we miss those times.

With the development of technology, the gaming sector evolved and online gaming became more and more important, due to its ability to interact during the game. There came a time when being the king of Pro Evolution Soccer was no longer about beating your 4 colleagues, but about competing against thousands of players from all over the world to be the king. The stage for gamers was getting bigger and bigger.

If we add to this the competitive nature and the spirit of self-improvement of any good gamer, we had the ideal breeding ground for the "money" factor to begin to play a role in more and more video games. Starting with a subscription to play, followed by subscriptions with advantageous conditions, micro-payments to obtain resources, etc. and finally some not-so-honest gamers who pay for hacker programs.

We at VALK are not in favour of this exchange of monetary resources to excel in games. We understand that games have to have a price, and that this price should be paid in the format of the developer's choice, which is necessary for the healthy growth of the industry. But when you play with the consumer psychology and the ego of the users, this is no longer justified. Especially when the results affect the balance of the games. When this happens, every euro you spend, you worsen the gaming experience of thousands of gamers like you.

We believe that a level playing field is fundamental to gaming, and we apply the same principle to our brand. We try to make sure that every gamer has access to a quality gaming chair at a fair price, with options for all budgets, but for all of them excellent comfort and the best service from us is non-negotiable, without VIP or premium services, but for everyone the same. We don't work with intermediaries, we don't differentiate between one and the other, we democratise quality and the best service, that's why we are La Resistencia. That's why we are La Resistance. Will you join us?

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