VALK is a project promoted by three Spanish entrepreneurs who are experts in product design and fanatics about video games.

We share the vision that the gamer world is losing its magic. Every day there are more and better video games, yes, but also every time we gamers are less important.

We know the sector inside and we know that its growth has been uneven, concentrating power in large companies, at the expense of those who dared to do different and daring things independently, even geeks.

We see the same drab designs everywhere, under characterless brands created by the distributors themselves, or even by Chinese companies with unpronounceable names and dubious credibility.

VALK was born as an act of resistance against this system. Our goal is to offer an alternative with personality, different and authentic to our customers. We know that gaming setup is a special place and we really want you to be able to customize it to your liking.

We have combined our knowledge, skills and experience to create VALK and our first collection of chairs designed in Spain with heart and brain: innovation, quality, resistance and a unique aesthetic. All designed for you to have a beautiful, comfortable chair that can accompany you in your battles.

We are a warrior brand inspired by the legend of the Valkyries, and like them we combine strength, beauty and wisdom. Three attributes that are balanced in the triangular shape of our logo.

The VALK project is also revolutionary in the way of reaching you: directly through our website and our stores in marketplaces, without intermediaries.

This means lower prices. You win, we win, they lose.

And if you have doubts or a problem arises, you have a direct line with us, and not with a telemarketer on the other side of the Atlantic.

At VALK we fight together, and we share the “loot”. Just for buying a gaming chair you will get a personalized MOUSEPAD XXL of 80x30cm for free as a welcome to the Resistance.

Also, you can get a reward for completing the first mission with us.

Take a good look inside the product box.

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