At VALK we do things differently, without intermediaries. We are a warrior brand, we fight together and share the spoils.

Join us and get a commission on purchases made by your followers in our shop. We will provide you with a special coupon and an exclusive link, created just for you.


10% commission on each sale you send us.


10% discount for your followers.


Bank transfer, gift cards or products. It's up to you.


3 days with cookies.


Personalised dashboard to track your income in real time.


We support with advertising campaigns that help to close the sale, even after the visitor leaves our website.


Contests, unboxings, reviews and much more. Much more than just an affiliate programme.


We want to grow with you and we want your commissions to grow with you.



Fill in the form below and our marketing team will evaluate your application.


Promote our products on your website or social networks with your personalised link.


Earn 10% commission on every sale.


Bitte füllen Sie alle Felder aus. Wir werden Ihre Anfrage innerhalb von 5 Tagen beantworten.




Our programme is aimed exclusively at content creators.

We do not accept teams or organisations.

Be over 18 years old.

Be active on social media.

Share our ethical and professional values.

Fill out our affiliate form.


What are the minimum requirements?

We assess each application on a case-by-case basis. In general, we look for content creators who are active on social media with a significant number of followers and who appear on camera.

How to promote my link?

- Share your link and code in your posts on social media, blogs or your website.

- Share content or product suggestions (URL) on your social networks, blogs or your website.

- Send private messages to potential interested parties.

- Share your shopping experience at VALK GAMING.

- Share your experience of receiving and opening VALK products.

- Share photos or videos with VALK products. Try to be original and don't forget to include your personal link in all your posts.

Can I buy a VALK product at a special discount?

You can use your own 10% discount code, which added to your 10% commission, results in a 20% discount. In special cases we can evaluate a higher discount, consult our team and we will evaluate your request.

How and when will I receive my commissions?

Once a month you can request the collection of outstanding commissions from your affiliate area. In the same way, we will review it and contact you to settle the outstanding balance periodically. We are flexible, we can make a bank transfer, send you a gift card from Amazon or another shop, or buy you a technological product for the value of the available balance (graphics cards, screens, cameras, headphones...).

My friend bought through my link, but I don't see the order credited on my dashboard.

Our affiliate programme tracks the purchase process using cookies, so cookies must be enabled on the purchaser's browser for your commission to be credited correctly. Any program that interferes with cookie tracking may prevent successful crediting. This includes, but is not limited to, third party extensions, cookie blockers, VPN and incognito browsing.

We use our own and third-party cookies to analyse the use of the website and to show you advertising related to your preferences based on a profile of your browsing habits (e.g. pages visited).

Cookie preferences

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Functional cookies are strictly necessary to provide the services of the shop, as well as for its proper functioning, so it is not possible to refuse their use. They allow the user to browse through our website and use the different options or services that exist on it.
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PHP_SESSID The PHPSESSID cookie is native to PHP and allows websites to store serialised status data. On the website it is used to establish a user session and to pass state data through a temporary cookie, which is commonly known as a session cookie. These Cookies will only remain on your computer until you close your browser. Session
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Advertising Cookies
These are cookies that collect information about the advertisements shown to users of the website. They can be anonymous, if they only collect information about the advertising spaces shown without identifying the user, or personalised, if they collect personal information about the user of the shop by a third party, for the personalisation of these advertising spaces.
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Collect information about the user's browsing experience in the shop, usually anonymously, although sometimes they also allow the user to be uniquely and unequivocally identified in order to obtain reports on the user's interests in the products or services offered by the shop.
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These are used to improve the browsing experience and optimize the operation of the shop.
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