Why should you choose a gaming chair?

Nowadays it is common to spend many hours in front of the PC screen, and those of us who are gamers even more so. Between studies or work and (especially) video games, we end up spending half our lives sitting in our gamer setup. For this reason we are very demanding with the place where we are sitting all that time: our desk chair.

Some defend the classic office chair, others just grab the first chair they find at home. Gamers know that choosing a comfortable and quality gaming chair is the right decision in the long run. It can be a gaming chair made of fabric or leatherette, but it should be well padded, it should support your back and allow you to adjust all the elements: armrests, tilt, swivel, gaming cushions. It is no coincidence that youtubers and streamers use gaming chairs, and more and more people from other professions are also opting for them.

For gamers, gaming accessories are vital. We are competitive beings and we know that, all things being equal, equipment can be a determining factor in winning the game. In our world, an optical mouse with the right sensitivity, an efficient mechanical keyboard or a screen with a high refresh rate are important for a total gaming experience. And of course, a correct posture in the chair makes for less fatigue and better reaction speed.

In this sense, if you are thinking of changing your chair, take note of the features shared by the best ergonomic gaming chairs:

  • A steel structure designed to adapt to the natural curvature of the back, ensuring proper support of the lumbar and cervical spine.
  • A high-density foam padding, which is not too hard but does not sink in. We recommend opting for cold-molded foam, which is also used in car seats, and which stands out for recovering its shape and not deforming over time.
  • Adjustment functions such as seat tilt and swivel, as well as height adjustment to adapt to the table, keeping ankles, knees and elbows at an angle close to 90º.
  • Adjustable armrests covered with soft-touch PU. Quality casters that move smoothly and quietly, without jerking.

We at VALK are in line with this philosophy, we create quality ergonomic gaming chairs, with the necessary adjustment features to suit each user. In addition, as gamers, we put ourselves in the user's shoes and try to offer those features that are really useful, but without adding useless things just because they are cool and end up inflating the price.

And we are proud that little by little our message is getting through, recently for example, a more than relevant page in a sector outside of gaming, has recognized us as the second best gaming chairs brand, only behind SECRETLABhttps://creacion3d.com/marcas-sillas-gaming

And you, what features do you think are most decisive when it comes to gaming? We'll read you in the comments.

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