Realidad virtual y videojuegos

The development of VR or virtual reality began last century, but it was not until 2016 when the application of this technology exploded in our lives, and consequently in the gaming world.

I guess many of you have already tried this technology by watching a video or playing a VR game. And surely you are with us that its application in games is still far from satisfactory.

Current video games are highly demanding and although at a technological level they could be recreated in VR format, the problem is that it can not yet be done at a cost that makes it profitable. If in the movie Doctor Strange they removed scenes from Ancient One because of the costly special effects... imagine what it would cost to replicate these effects in a video game adapting to the actions of each player. That's why current VR games lack graphical quality and are rather monotonous in terms of gameplay.

On the other hand, the hardware part is not up to par either. We know that to boot up a powerful video game in high resolution, you need a high-end graphics card. Well, in the case of VR games that are relatively good graphically, you need expensive and bulky equipment that is usually for commercial use.

Finally, it is also a problem how to integrate senses other than sight in VR to make the word reality more meaningful. Graphically, products like Oculus have improved tremendously in recent years and we may see something decent in the not too distant future. But the question is, how to integrate hearing, touch, and even smell and taste in games to get a complete experience? In commercial products, we can find 4D and 5D simulations, where other senses are stimulated by simulating smells, wind, rain, etc., but today these experiences are still far away from the home user.

Surely many of you have dreamed like us of experiencing virtual reality like Ready Player One or Free Guy. Perhaps the answer lies in Elon Musk's microchips? We don't know, but we are optimistic and hope to be able to try Virtual Reality for real someday and be part of the first generation of gamers who live games from the inside.

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