How to choose a gaming chair?

Choosing the right gaming chair is no easy task. In addition to the basic factors of aesthetics and price, there are also a number of factors to consider that have to do with ergonomics, size, materials, and adjustment options offered.

In VALK we are specialists in chairs and in this article we share with you some guidelines to choose your gamer chair.

Price range

In the market, there is a wide variety of chairs and the first thing that will help you narrow down the options is to determine the price range in which you are going to move. Be careful because in the gaming market prices are not always commensurate with the quality of the products, sometimes you overpay just for the brand, without the specifications being up to par.

A style that matches your setup

Unlike others, at VALK we consider that aesthetics is a very important point to take into account when buying a gaming chair. The setup is a very special place and not just anything goes, even if it is a good chair, you will not feel comfortable if it does not fit with the rest of your setup. A few weeks after buying it, you won't remember how much it cost, but you will see it every day and if you bought it just because it was on sale and you don't like it, you will end up regretting it. Aesthetics is important!

Ergonomics and customization

If you are going to spend many hours sitting, it is necessary that the chair has an ergonomic and adjustable design so that it adjusts to your posture.

Beyond the height adjustment of the seat, which they all have, make sure that the back of the chair can be inclined so you can get comfortable and recline for example when you want to watch an episode of NETFLIX. Also, if the seat has a tilting function, it can help you to be more comfortable during intense gaming sessions.

In addition, you should think about the type of armrests you will need, either by your height or by the use you plan to give the chair. For example, if in addition to gaming, you work with your PC, we recommend at least 2D adjustable armrests.

The size of the chair

Ideally, you should be able to try the chair in person, sit in it and test all its functions to see if it is comfortable for you or not. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult because almost all chairs are now sold online, but you can check the measurements in the online store or on the manufacturer's website.

At VALK we offer detailed measurements of each part of the product, as well as weight and maximum height recommendations in the specifications of each model.

Aspects to take into account:

  • Height of the armrests to the floor: the minimum height of the armrests should be lower than the height of your table so that you can tuck the armrests under the table. This tip is because if the chair does not fit and you can not attach it to the table, it may be too much of a hindrance when you are not using it. Here you should also measure that the maximum height is at least equal to the height of the table so that you can place the armrests at the same height when you are using them. All VALK chairs, for example, fit a standard desk and office table sizes, but it is worth checking before confirming an order.
  • Seat height and width: check that the height of the chair is no higher than the distance from the sole of your foot to the back of your knee, otherwise you won't reach the floor properly. As for the width, check that it is greater than the length of your pelvis, otherwise the sides will squeeze you and you will not be comfortable.
  • Backrest height: make sure it is not too low, otherwise, when you lean back you will not be able to rest your head. Check how tall you are from your waist to your neck, and make sure that the height of the backrest is higher than this measurement.

The raw material

The fifth point has to do with the quality of the materials. A chair that you are going to spend hours in must be sturdy and resistant, as well as soft and pleasant to the touch.

Ideally, the structure should be made of steel, a material that does not need much presentation, which guarantees durability for years without deformation.

On the other hand, the fabrics must be sufficiently resistant so as not to lose color after a while or suffer breakage if we sit down with a pair of pants with poorly positioned zippers. Among the most common materials for the upholstery of gaming chairs are synthetic leather and fabric. The decision between these two is quite personal, leatherette is warmer than fabric, but it gets dirty less and is easier to clean, besides offering a more premium feel. At VALK we have opted for premium synthetic leather for our models.

Also on the fabrics, you will find models that bet on micro-perforated synthetic leather, which has the good of the leatherette but also help to transpire and reduce heat. Our NYX, SKADI, and GAIA chairs incorporate it.

Lastly, the foam padding is not a minor issue: have you ever heard anyone complain that a few months after buying their chair, the padding had collapsed? The reason is to have used foams with a very low density, 25 or 30 kg/m3. This means that after a short time of sitting on it, the foam becomes compacted with the heat and the weight of the user and ends up flattening and it looks like you are sitting on a wooden board. At VALK we have taken this issue very seriously and have opted for higher density foam than what you can find in our competitors. This is an important competitive advantage we offer as our chairs will last longer without warping, even in the face of intensive long-term use.

We hope we have helped you choose your new gaming chair with more criteria. And you know, if you have any doubts, we recommend you to take a look at VALK GAIA, a gamer chair that lacks nothing!

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