Choosing the right chair for your height and weight

In the time we've been working in this sector, we've seen a lot of variety of gamer chairs, even crazy ones like these ones:


Choosing the right gaming chair is complicated, there are many factors to take into account, so from VALK we have compiled the ones we consider most important from our professional experience:


It is the most important point, the chair must adapt to your body and ensure proper support while you play. The ideal would be to try the chair in person, sit in it and touch all its functions and adjustments to see if it is comfortable for you. However, this is impossible nowadays because most gamer chairs are sold online. That is why it is vital that you ALWAYS check the measurements on the online store or the manufacturer's website.

In our product sheets, there is an outline with all relevant product measurements, as well as maximum weight and height recommendations in the specifications.

When consulting the measurements you should take into account:

  • Backrest height: make sure it is not too low, otherwise you will not be able to rest your head when you lean back. Check how tall you are from your waist to your neck, and make sure that the height of the backrest is higher than this measurement.
  • Backrest width: both the inside and the outside of the backrest must be in accordance with the width of your shoulders and back to ensure comfort and that the wings of the backrest do not get in the way.
  • Height and width of the seat: make sure that the height of the chair does not exceed the distance from the sole of your foot to the back of your knee, otherwise you will not reach the floor properly. As for the width, check that it is greater than the length of your pelvis, otherwise, the sides will squeeze you and you will not be comfortable. You should also take into account the height of your desk so that your arms are at a 90º angle. If you have to raise the chair a lot and you can't reach the floor, we recommend the use of a footrest.
  • Height of the armrests to the floor: Measure that the minimum height of the armrest is lower than the height of your table so that you can tuck it and that they are under the table, so you can tuck it to the table and not be in the way when you are not using it. On the other hand, it also measures that the maximum height is at least equal to the height of the table, so you can place the armrests at the same height when you are using them.


The foam padding is also a relevant issue that is often overlooked by other manufacturers. I'm sure you've read comments from people who a few months after buying their chair complain that the seat cushion has sagged. This is because they have used low-density foams, 25 or 30 kg/m³. This causes the foam to become compacted over time with the heat and weight of the user, and it ends up flattening and becoming very hard. The weight of the user also has an influence, some featherweight users will prefer a lower density.

In VALK we have options for all tastes, being most of our high-density chairs, between 55 and 70 kg/m³, recommended for people from 70kg, but you can also find in our catalog some chairs with a lower density for lighter people. Choosing the right density is important for the chair to last longer without deforming.


Both are good options, each has its pros and cons, but in the end, the decision is quite personal and will depend on your preferences. The materials used for the manufacture of gaming chairs are, in general, very good (as long as it is not a low-cost chair) and offer a nice touch and long durability. So the choice will depend on whether you are very hot or not. For people who sweat a lot, the fabric is always the best choice because it breathes and is cooler, and also because over time the sweat can end up deteriorating the PU if it is not maintained and cleaned periodically. On the other hand, leatherette gets less dirty than fabric and is easier to clean, in addition to offering a more premium feel.

At VALK we have incorporated a solution in some of our models: micro-perforated synthetic leather. The good thing about leatherette is that it also helps transpiration and minimizes heat.


Gaming chairs are ultimately a furniture product, and innovation in this sector is slower than other tech products in your setup. Many times these "innovations" have more to do with marketing than with comfort or performance. You've probably seen chairs with a massage function in the lumbar cushion or integrated speakers, features that in practice are not very useful. Of course, there are also significant innovations on the market in terms of materials, ergonomics or functionality, but they usually result in a higher product price. Chairs with a conventional design and functionality are still the ones you see the most and they are there because they have passed the market test, people already know them and know they work. From here on, if you see "innovations" in a gaming chair and it is "cheap", think twice before making the purchase.

We hope we have helped you with these tips and that you end up choosing the right gaming chair for you, and if it is also a VALK, that's great!

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