VALK FRIDAY: our special discount event is here!

If you've got this far, you'll know that we're not just another gaming brand, we don't do the same things as everyone else. We don't go for the same outdated model of bringing in the cheapest possible product and selling it through middlemen. We don't believe that customers are just numbers and percentages. We don't like the system, that's why we do things differently, in our own way.

At the end of November comes the peak of the noise. Advertising everywhere because it's Black Friday, and everyone knows there are Black Friday deals to be had. Well, we don't want to be part of the noise of those days. We don't want to spend weeks anticipating an event so that in the end the big guys, the ones who have more budget to have more visibility on those days, get the upper hand.

On the other hand, we know that there are many people who are waiting for these days to be able to buy a gaming chair at a better price. We all do it, in the end it's a smart way to get access to higher-end products without overspending.

We want to offer you that opportunity, that you can get a VALK chair at an outrageous price, and do it our way. This is VALK FRIDAY - welcome!

  • From the 13th to the 17th of November

  • Every day a different chair at an outrageous price.

  • The offer will be valid for 24h only: from 12:00am to 11:59am


Don't miss out!

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